Friday, March 20, 2009

Coming soon to a Feminist Wedding near you

Jason and I were thinking about doing a fake movie poster for our save the date, and I came across this cute thing on the interwebs.

Would love to hear suggestions for possible movies that would be recognizable to our "audience". So far all I've gotten was "Dumb and Dumber."


  1. A friend of ours spoofed the "Love Actually" poster look for their w-day program.

    An old coworker made up crazy invites using the "Lord of the Rings" theme where each of the wedding party dressed up as a character & recreated the movie poster. They dubbed their wedding "Exhange of the Rings" or something like that. It was creepy.

  2. My sister did the scary movie The Ring. They put their faces in the middle circle and made it look like a ring. And instead of before you see the ring. It said before you say I Do you see...the ring. They did alot more for gift tags as well.

  3. Nice sharing on gold coins. In mostly wedding i see people give gold coins. This look nice.